Tenancy Agreement From Whsmith

Since you are not saying what your landlord responded to your requests for release, I guess he did not agree. Write to the owner and indicate that you want to use the six-month break clause that only gives them about two months` notice. Since it is bound by the Housing Act 1988 (amended in 1996) which stipulates that the lease cannot be terminated before the lease is terminated, the unilateral termination clause appears to be an unfair contractual term. See the answer you receive. If it`s still unsatisfactory, check out the Office of Fair Trading/ Trading Standards and ask for their opinion. My argument is that it was an accident. Convector heating was provided by the owner. No instructions for use have been provided and the rental agreement contains a clause stating that „the lessor shall bear the risk of accidental fire“. It was certainly an accidental fire.

We have been renting our apartment for a little over a year. The short-term lease guaranteed for the first year expired at the end of May. We then signed a second (new) shorthold lease covering the following year (from June 1st). The steps you are willing to take, with the repayment of the deposit, a month`s free rent, a great connection with the next landlord, may be enough to convince them to move voluntarily. If they`re not ready to go, I really don`t know what you can do. I think the fact that your friend gave them a two-year lease makes things worse – they may have felt like they were sedentary for a long time. Trading is your only option. It`s worth talking to your mortgage company to see if they leave room to maneuver with the discount mortgage rate, although I know it may not be an option in the current financial climate. Good luck with your tenants.

You don`t really need to establish another lease, because the current lease is automatically converted to a legal periodic tenancy – which in my opinion still fits very well with a landlord, as it does not commit to a certain rental period and can be terminated at any time with a two-month delay. I have had the same tenant in my property for four years, and her 12-month lease has been renewed every year. My tenant decorated a bit inside at her own expense, and I`m glad she`s staying. I am concerned, however, that if the lease lasts much longer, the tenant could acquire rights that I do not know. Do tenants have a certain right to a property if they have lived there for a certain period of time? And can they ask for the lease to be extended? Before the tenants moved in, I received a letter from one of the tenants who said she would not return to university and therefore would not get her study loan. .