Bunnings Warehouse Enterprise Agreement 2013

A part-time team member may agree in writing to Bunnings to work overtime at the normal hourly rate (with applicable penalties) (clause 3.8). This consent may be revoked in writing at any time. If a team member agrees to work overtime, they can choose whether the overtime should be paid or taken as leisure (TUL) (clause 3.10). A decision on how to pay for overtime (either payment or work) must be taken by a team member before one year of the EBA and the decision applies to the entire year of the EBA. Therefore, it is important that you choose the option you want because you are stuck for 12 months. You can change your decision for each EBA year before the EBA year. Previous Bunnings agreements used a so-called „Loaded Conseil“ system, in which higher base rates offset some lower penalties. In any event, the previous agreements were approved by the Fair Work Commission. Although other retailers deviated from this model (towards a model with lower base rates and higher penalties), Bunnings continued to advocate a model with charged rates.

Recognizing Bunnings` high base rates, the SDA decided to cooperate with the company to maintain these rates while ensuring that the proposed agreement passes the Better Off Overall („BOOT“) test. The new agreement must ensure that there is no possibility that a team member will receive less salary than you would have received as part of the prize. In the vast majority of cases at Bunnings, this is not a problem, given that Bunnings` lowest base rate, currently paid under the 2013 deal, is about $110 per week higher than the price. The proposed agreement includes the same time period as the 2013 agreement: in addition, the proposed agreement, while continuing to allow the one-hour training class under the 2013 agreement, voluntarily makes such a team. If you work 3 out of 4 Sundays in a 4-week cycle, you must get a full free weekend (clause 3.6 (c) (i)). However, you can agree to work 4 Sundays in a 4-week cycle. You can revoke this consent with a period of 4 weeks (paragraph 3.6). Below is a summary of the proposed agreement and changes to the Bunnings Warehouse / Small Format Stores Agreement 2013 („the 2013 Agreement“) and/or different provisions of the General Retail Industry Award („the Award“). The company opposed it and placed a position of 2%, or if the CPI is higher, then an increase of up to 2.5%. As a result, the parties have not reached agreement on this issue.

They must be scheduled to have 2 consecutive days of leave per week of pay or 3 consecutive days of leave during the two weeks of service (clause 3.6 (c) (ii)). However, you can accept a roster in which you do not have 2 consecutive days per week of pay or 3 consecutive days of leave per fourteen days. You can revoke this consent with a period of 4 weeks (paragraph 3.6). Provisions maintained The proposed agreement maintains all holidays in the 2013 agreement, meaning that Bunnings team members in some states will get more holidays than they would under the award. . . .