Transport Agreement Terms And Conditions

delays in the event of „force majeure“ where one or both parties to the contract are unable to meet its obligations under this treaty; no party is responsible for the termination of the contract. The customer is then responsible for calculating the payment with the rate per tonne per kilometre to the point where the transport was interrupted. 5.1 – Packaging and labelling: 5.1.1 – Packaging: goods must be packaged, packaged, labelled or labelled in such a way as to withstand transport and/or storage under normal conditions, as well as the successive handling that necessarily takes place during these operations. Goods do not pose a danger to drivers or handlers, the environment, the safety of transport vehicles, other goods, vehicles or third parties transported or stored. The instructor is solely responsible for the packaging and his ability to carry transport and handling. 5.1.2 – Labeling: Each parcel, item or loading unit must be clearly identified to allow immediate and clear identification of the sender, recipient, place of delivery and nature of goods. The labels must be identical to those on the shipping document. Labels must also meet all applicable regulatory requirements, particularly those for hazardous products. 5.1.3 – Responsibility: the adjudicating entity is solely responsible for all the consequences resulting from the absence, inadequacy or failure of packaging, packaging, labelling or markings.

5.2 – Once the load is complete, trucks, semi-trailers, mobile crates, containers must be sealed by the loader or its representative. 5.3 – Reporting obligations: the duty to instruct is solely responsible for all the consequences arising from the failure to comply with the obligation to inform and explain the specific nature and specificity of the goods, when these particular provisions, including their value and/or their lusts, as well as their dangerousness or fragility. The disclosure requirement also applies to the declaration of the verified gross weight of a container in accordance with the SOLAS agreement. In addition, the Party of Instructions formally undertakes not to make illegal or prohibited goods available to the T.L.O. (for example. B, counterfeit goods, drugs, etc.). The investigating party is solely responsible, without recourse against the T.L.O., for all consequences resulting from false, incomplete, unenforceable or late declarations or documents, including, but not only, the information necessary to provide a declaration prescribed by customs regulations, particularly for the transport of goods from third countries. 5.4 – Reserves: in case of loss or damage caused by goods or by delays, the recipient is responsible for regular and appropriate inspections, the provision of reasoned reservations and, in general, the implementation of all necessary measures to protect their rights and to confirm the reservations mentioned in legal form and within legal time frames, otherwise no claim can be made against the T.L.O. or its substitutes. 5.5 – Refusal or omission of delivery by the recipient or declared party: in the event of the recipient`s refusal of the goods, as in the event of the recipient`s default for any reason, the ordering orderer is obliged to compensate all the initial and additional costs incurred due and incurred for the goods, including the costs of storing and compensating the containers. Refusal or non-compliance by the recipient or declarant upon the arrival of the goods, delivery and/or, in the event of injury, limitation and reduction of losses by measures taken to ensure that the existing damage is not aggravated, constitutes a waiver of compensation on the part of the recipient and the plaintiff of the arrival of the goods against the T.L.O.

for claims or actions relating to the goods and/or the delivery of transport.