Service Agreement Information Kit

We found that performance indicators can also be inconsistent within an organization, as well as other associated data sets and performance measurement systems. The result is confusion between funded organizations and HHS about the level of service required. Chart 2C shows the differences between performance levels in different documents and systems for family violence support activities in a service contract. Consistent with the results of our survey of funded organizations, our personal interviews with funded organizations showed that large funded organizations – which typically provide more services in several DHHS areas – have dual requirements for management and compliance obligations. For agencies that carry out a wide range of activities, the applicable standards can be extended. The more a service finance organization, the more GSS is listed in the agreement, but SSG documents are not organized judiciously. One of the 12 service agreements we audited lists more than 70 SSG documents. Service contracts require funded organizations that provide services under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS Service Standards) standards to be accredited every three years according to the four standards: Figure D22 Question 22: To what extent do you agree with the following statement: I can access information that allows me to see how a funded organization works against its contracted KPHHS , and requires that service contract tracking and office checks be carried out. every year. Both questions address the identification of risks related to governance, financial management and service delivery, although the layout and language used are not identical. Figure 4D presents the themes in FOPMF tools.

Performance standards are linked to the quality of services or activities that funded organizations are responsible for providing, such as domestic violence services.B. Relevant contractual clauses, departmental directives and directives are covered by this definition. Respondents identified some of the main barriers to accessing the necessary information, such as the need to collect performance information from different data systems for various funded activities, and that SAMS2 is difficult to navigate.