Schedule 2 Of The Apple Developer Program License Agreement

To view Calendar 2, go to and log in. Then click on the link „Agreements, taxes and banks.“ If you have accepted Schedule 2, one of your contracts will be entered into under „All (see Contract),“ a type of „Paid Applications“ contract. This contract is Calendar 2. Download the contract pdf and you`ll see that it starts „by clicking on this calendar 2,… „Homekit Accessory Protocol“ – Apple`s proprietary protocol under Apple`s MFi/Works with Apple program, which allows home accessories designed to work with HomeKit APIs (z.B. Lights, locks) to communicate with compatible iOS products, Apple Watch and other Apple-branded products. I do not see the side, I see the agreements that I have already made, but nothing new that I can approve. Has anyone solved this problem? There is an update button and when you click on it, you will see a new chord that you have acceps. That`s right. To accept this agreement, the user must have already accepted the license agreement of Apple Developer Program in the Member Center with the role of team agent. If I go, your… All I see is a white/empty side with a grey square centered in the middle. We can`t go on from here.

I tried several browsers, etc., and added a support ticket for Apple. As eager as I am to have released my new version of the app, I hope some of you know what`s wrong or live something similar? Hello there, go to -> select People (left) -> You search under Agent Is the account you sign up on iTunesConnect with the same email address as the person on the agent? If not, use this email address to connect to, then continue with the Agreement, Tax and Banking module. There should be a blue button that says request and you can continue to accept the agreement from there. Agreements, taxes and banks check the timing of paid applications. The iOS Schedule 2 and Mac Schedule 2 calendar were combined into a single calendar 2 covering both programs, and custom B2B calendars („Schedule 3“) for iOS and Mac were also combined.