Freddie Mac Servicing Agreement

Freddie Mac`s cash-servicing-retained execution offers you an extremely competitive secondary marketing solution that supports your credit relationship strategies. This cash execution helps you increase your profitability for fixed-rate mortgages while preserving your service advantage. If you sell credits for cash, you will receive the benefits of executing securities without further thought of a swap and you will get market prices for high-end securities for your loans. You can sell one loan at a time through a Best-Effort contract or many credits through a large mandatory contract based on your individual business requirements. In addition, you can sell both high-end mortgages and discount mortgages, as long as your rating rates are lower or lower than our maximum reserved coupon. You will receive premium prices for your premium mortgages and you will be able to sell the total return on the mortgage (minus your service margin) because there is no per-cap. Increase profitability while maintaining your Skip to Page Content | Go to web browsing | For section browsing, skip The information found on this page does not replace or replace the information contained in the Single-Family Sellers` Guide and/or the terms of your master`s contract and/or other price identification conditions.