First Key Homes Rental Agreement

At a time when yesterday is worrying and tomorrow uncertain, it is such a blessing to live in a place where management takes care of you and treats you like a family. Mr. Banks took the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions and encourage me in these terrible times. Thanks to people like Mr. Banks, I feel good that I made the decision to stay with FirstKey. Thank you again for your patience and understanding… Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, with 15 regional offices in the South, Midwest and West, FirstKey Homes employs approximately 650 home management professionals in 20 U.S. markets. Founded in 2015 by Cerberus, FirstKey Homes provides real estate acquisition and management services for a diverse portfolio of detached homes in the United States. The underlying detached homes are located in or near 41 Central Statistical Zones (CBSAS) located in 15 states. The top three CBSAs represent 36.1% of the portfolio and include Miami (14.7%), Atlanta (11.5%) and Indianapolis (9.8%).

The total BPOD of underlying homes is $2.8 billion and results in a 90.0% LTV. KBRA`s adjusted OPL is $2.6 billion. This represents a discount of 7.3% to the face value of the OPL. The LTV obtained is 97.0% based on KBRA`s adjusted BPO value. Whose even deserves 1 star my air is completely dead is not turning on tripping on stumbling and all there is 80 in here live I live in Florida the answer service told me they would be back to me Monday for nope it`s sat night it`s the worst rental company I`ve ever dealt with guess kids and I`ll just hang up monday way to fir houses add, That this is the 4th time I`ve had air problems in the last 2 years yep they`re really quick to collect rents, but not in some type of haste to repair their FKH 2020-SFR2 equipment is a single-family rental (LICO) securitization, which are secured by a $2.5 billion loan by first priority mortgages on 14,288 single-family income homes. The fixed-rate loan requires interest payments and has a five-year term.