What Is A Twinning Agreement

The first known twinning in Europe was between Paderborn, Germany, and Le Mans, France, in 836. [2] [22] From 1905, Keighley, in West Yorkshire, England, had a twinning with the French communes of Suresnes and Puteaux. [23] [24] The first modern twinning recorded between Keighley and Poix-du-Nord in the North, France, in 1920, after the end of the First World War. [5] [24] [25] [26] It was originally the adoption of the French city; Formal partnership charters were not exchanged until 1986. [27] 8 On the basis of the responses to this survey, I speak of the conditions that have produced the dimension of cooperation and the characteristic of mobility resulting from the twinning of cities, the scale and direction of this mobility, as well as the social, economic, environmental, cultural and political implications of trade. It is also interesting to know whether twinning of cities is the result of people`s mobility or generates this mobility. 29In terms of the exchange of knowledge and information (intangible implications of cooperation). Polish twin cities reported such a category of effects such as `education, sport and leisure` (80% of respondents), `culture` (74%) and „Tourism Promotion“ (45%) (Figure 5). The first two categories were mainly related to human currents, such as.

B.dem exchanges of music, culture or theatre groups, presentation of their achievements or exchanges of children and adolescents. Polish local authorities have most often reported the replacement of 40 to 50 people per year (1 bus). In the border areas of western and southern Poland, formal exchanges were greater – maximum 100-150 people per year. Similarly, in the „Education, Sport and Recreation“ category, respondents most often reported an exchange of 30 to 40 people per year. More exchanges of children and youth (100 to 200 people) were reported in only 10 twinnings in cities. Half of them were partnerships with West German partners, which was the subject of financial support from the Polish-German Foundation for Cooperation.