Vivid Homes Tenancy Agreement

Write a comment, phone customer experience team Emma said, it`s the same lady I talk to in repairs, and still nothing is done, no one has yet phoned to come back to you, no one is minding, all living desires is my hard earned money, I call almost every day just for something help and nothing vivid the new complaints handling policy is in my opinion inadequate. Vivid instructed a contractor to encapsulate the damaged asbestos, without monitoring the contractor several times pierced in asbestos and dust struck through my house. Vivid deliberately decided to cover up his tracks and engage in a cover-up, but I have tons of evidence and I will not be silenced. Called alive as desired (below) surprise no employee wants to talk or call me back. vision statement statement „Ignorance is Happiness“ I`m a tenant living for more than 20 years – I`ve been treated horribly. We had neighbourhood problems until two months ago, when we were physically assaulted, verbally assaulted and threatened in our own home. All I said by some members of vivid was if you don`t like to move! Easier said than done. It is not the police who care. Finally, I was told that they had forgiven her by moving her to another property instead! Supposedly to check out the new neighbors don`t like that! No one has examined her since moving in! Start being a complete nightmare! The promised management move, nothing was done for medical reasons. My house as a living Semirivier was aware that it was habitable with black and green mold for various reasons and that it decided to do nothing! I caused a roof leak over mold living houses consciously – now said, roofers don`t go or go on scaffolding in this current weather! They asked to receive a letter from my respiratory counselor that still did nothing! No updates yet on the management move – the people in particular who have dealt with this have passed the goat on to someone else without letting me know – nice! The question of whether they should speak to these individuals today, and they have once again survived. U threaten to stop paying rent to threaten to be evicted! No now had enough letters to the CEO – with MP – Advice – Letter to PM – this housing company has changed so many names over the years – going from disgusting to absolutely appalling! We are the largest provider of affordable housing in Hampshire, with approximately 70,000 customers and 30,000 homes in the south-east, mainly in Hampshire and Surrey.