Aco Preferred Provider Agreement

(1) The only parties to the agreement are the ACO and the ACO participants. b) agreements with ACO suppliers/suppliers. ACOs have the opportunity to enter into product and service contracts with their ACO suppliers directly with their ACO suppliers and services that are aligned with the ACO. For the 2017 performance year and subsequent years, an ACO agreement with an ACO supplier/provider for these items and services must meet the following criteria: (2) The contract must be signed by the ACO supplier/provider and by a person authorized to be committed by the ACO. (a) ACO`s participation agreements. For the 2017 performance year and subsequent years, the ACO must have an ACO participation agreement with each ACO participant, which meets the following criteria: (c) submission of agreements. The ACO must be used for each ACO participant at the time of the first application, the renewal of the participation agreement and when added to its list of ACO participants in accordance with the agreement. 425.118 submit a participation agreement to the ACO. Agreements can be presented according to the form defined by the provisions of Directive 425.204 (c) (6) or by the form and form defined by the CMS. (5) The agreement should describe how the possibility of obtaining common savings or other financial arrangements will encourage ACO participants to comply with the QUALITY assurance and improvement program and evidence-based drug guidelines adopted by the ACO. (iii) Denunciation of the ACO participation agreement. (7) The agreement should allow the ACO to take corrective action, including the following measures against the ACO supplier/provider to address non-compliance with the requirements of the shared insurance program and other issues related to the integrity of the program, including those identified by cms: (2) The agreement must be signed on behalf of the ACO and the ACO participant by persons entitled to oppose the ACO or ACO. (7) The agreement must allow the ACO to take corrective action against the ACO participant and must require the ACO participant to take corrective action against its ACO suppliers/suppliers, including the imposition of a corrective action plan, refusal to pay incentives, and termination of the ACO participation agreement to address non-compliance with insurance sharing program requirements and other issues identified as related to program integrity, including CMS.

(9) The agreement must require the conclusion of a conclusion procedure after the end or expiry of the contract, which requires the ACO participant to provide all the data necessary to complete the annual assessment of the quality of ACO care and to address other relevant issues. (6) The agreement must require the ACO participant to update its registration information, including the addition and removal of ACO professionals and ACO suppliers/providers who charge through the ACO participant`s TIN, in accordance with The Medicare requirements, and to notify the ACO of these changes within 30 days of the amendment.