What To Do When Someone Breaks An Agreement

What is the violation: the company and its lawyer must analyze in depth the situation, the contract (written or oral) and the behavior of each party. Was there really a breakup? Are the terms ambiguous and, if so, what will be the consequences for the law? Is the injury material? All of this, and […]

What Is An Additional Pip Subrogation Agreement

In the event of property damage, the insurer must immediately attempt to obtain recovery. There are no specific requirements to include the deductible in the claim, but the insured must be repaid in proportion to a net recovery within 30 days of recovery. In the event of a continuation of the assignment, the insurer […]

What Does Broker Agreement Mean

This section explains how early termination of the agreement is managed. It specifies the number of days in advance needed to terminate the agreement prematurely. It will also include a dollar amount that a buyer will owe to the agent if the required notification is not given. They define how the transaction is conducted […]